Children abandoned by parents who fled to Trinidad and to whom they have never sent money

More abandoned children walk the streets of Tucupita. They are asking for food, because they assure that they are without food at home. This is a reality that is exacerbated by the migrations of Venezuelans to Trinidad and Tobago and other countries. Most flee to the island.

Samuel Rivero, a 32-year-old citizen who lives in the Las Mulas sector, reported that there are several children there who were left under the responsibility of their grandparents, because the parents of these children emigrated to Trinidad and Tobago. These people traveled to improve the living conditions of their children, but the reality is different. These minors are forced to order food at their neighbors’ house in Tucupita.

“About 10 children go out and go to other families’ houses to ask for food. Sometimes they stay on the streets until late at night”, Rivero said.

Samuel Rivero also regretted that children are under the responsibility of adults, who also need all the help and are not in a position to protect someone else.

María Luisa, a neighbor of the Los Cocos sector, reported that several unknown children wander near her house asking for food. So far this week, they have visited her three times.

Children walk as if they were beggars, without the company of an adult. The first thing they look for is food. Sometimes they walk the community late at night.

“They are very poor children who walk around Los Cocos, I don’t know where they are from, but sometimes they ask for food. This week they have already visited me three times, ”said María Luisa.

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