Darkness for Venezuelan in Trinidad and Tobago

Another Venezuelan woman was killed last Thursday in Trinidad and Tobago. His confessed murderer is a Cuban citizen who works for the Venezuelan embassy on the island. They are other black days for Venezuelans.

Between 2019 and so far in 2020, four Venezuelan women have been murdered in Trinidad and Tobago. Others have been victims of harassment and attempted murder. It is important to mention the cases that are silent out of fear. Creoles are outraged by all these events. They have left their country in search of better living conditions, but are now being persecuted and killed.

They have been difficult days for Venezuelans. Some of them try to clean up everyone’s image, while others continue to violate the laws. Most insist through social networks that «the good are more than the bad.» While the news of the murder of Jhandrys Espinoza was known, in Venezuela the arrest of 63 compatriots who tried to enter Trinidad and Tobago was announced. They sailed in two boats, but were discovered by the Navy of their country. That same day raids were also carried out on the neighboring island, where 22 people were detained.

That same day, a Creole was discovered stealing from a supermarket in Trinidad, so the Trinidadians filled their Facebook accounts with the phrase «Venezuelans get out of here.» They did so even with knowledge of the murder of Jhandrys Espinoza. The days are getting darker for the compatriots in Trinidad and Tobago.

Despite the attacks suffered by Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago, they continue to go to that country, even though it costs them their lives, because in Venezuela, they say that they will also find death, without having tried to survive elsewhere.

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