“Let no one have doubts, the Esequibo is Venezuela”

Lizeta Hernández, governor of Delta Amacuro state, one of the Venezuelan entities closest to the area in claim with Guyana, received the visit of the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace Carmen Meléndez and Remigio Ceballos, Operational Commander of the Armed Forces last Weekend. In different events, all of them have reiterated their commitment to «reconquer» the Esequibo.

Hernández referred to the Esequibo issue and said last weekend that President Nicolás Maduro has said that this territory belongs to Venezuela, to the Guayana region, of which Delta Amacuro is also part.

The governor assured that, «for good we are good, but for bad, too.» The official also stated that Venezuela currently has Armed Forces willing to defend the sovereignty of the nation.

«Every space that belongs to Venezuelans, we are going to defend it with the conviction that Venezuela must be respected.»


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