Gary Griffith / imagen tomada de internet sin autoría especificada.

Gary Griffith, commissioner of the Trinidad and Tobago police service, reported that the authorities are investigating all kinds of monetary transactions carried out from that country.

Griffith has referred to the operations that are carried out both at the Western Union level and the transfers that are made in bolívares in Venezuela, once the TT dollars are granted on the island. According to the officer, both initiatives are illegal if their origin is not clarified, published the local Sunshine media in its paper version.

Venezuelans who are in Trinidad and Tobago have paid attention to the point where it mentions that each monetary transaction carried out above 10 thousand TT dollars, through Western Union or another exchange house with foreign transactions, its provenance must be explained in more detail.

The official also addressed the issue of transfers that are carried out in Trinidad and Tobago or Venezuela, but under the method in which the Creoles grant their TT dollars, so that an operation is carried out in bolívares.

Some people publicly promoted money transfers, but now avoid doing so for fear of arrest. The creoles insist that this matter is about persecution.

«The government of Trinidad intends to steal money from the venezuelan citizens who work so hard on their land», said Miguel Subero, a Creole from Miranda who works in the construction sector on the neighboring island, and who had been sending money using the transfers.