Foto: cortesía.

Benefactors of the Catholic Church of Trinidad and Tobago have managed the inauguration of an educational center, which now serves 70 Venezuelan children, mostly from Delta Amacuro state, the closest entity to the island.

The school name is «Un Rayito de Esperanza» and it is being attended by Venezuelan and Trinitarian teachers. The children will learn: English, math, and even music.

The Catholic church has donated educational books. Children have transportation to this educational center, located on Lachoos Road.

70 children receive orientation from Monday to Friday, starting at 2:30 pm, until 5:30 pm. The activities started last Monday, but according to the information of the representatives consulted by, the registrations continue. The school serves children who are 3 years old, up to 15 years old.

Student representatives barely pay for school transportation, however, they do not rule out other payments being added.

Children receive nutritious snacks on weekends. Most of them are from Delta Amacuro state, Venezuela.