Venezuelans will continue to emigrate to Trinidad and Tobago despite obstacles

Despite the arrests of illegal Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago, the island remains one of the main destinations for people fleeing the crisis.

Fabio Rodríguez, a citizen who has had two sons in Trinidad and Tobago for two years, affirmed that that country continues to be one of the solutions for those from Delta Amacuro to flee the crisis. Despite the persecutions against Venezuelans, he says it is better than being in Venezuela.

«Yes, it is a solution because here (in Venezuela) the situation is terrible,» Rodríguez said.

Fabio Rodríguez’s children left for Trinidad and Tobago two years ago. They admit that they are going through difficult times due to lack of work, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, but they prefer to stay on the island rather than return to Venezuela.

Eugenio León said that one of the reasons that forces young people to flee to Trinidad and Tobago is the lack of work in Tucupita, since, even if they had a job, this monetary income would not be enough to cover their needs.

In his opinion, the island continues to be the solution to the problems of some families, despite the multiple arrests of illegals that have been registered recently.

The most recent case of detained Venezuelans occurred on Tuesday, November 17, when the authorities captured 29 citizens who entered Trinidad and Tobago illegally.

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